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Diana has worked with in the Trust for many years and currently works as a Peer Trainer at Sussex Recovery College and in Sri Lanka, using her lived experience of mental health to inspire others.

Diana has been a trailblazer for the inclusion of people with mental health problems as equal partners in the design and delivery of services to meet their needs. She is diagnosed with a long term serious mental health condition but, rather than let that constrain her, she has used her experience to transform services and improve the lives of others. Over the years she has devoted herself to this cause and to improving the lives of people with mental health problems. She has been employed by the Trust to co-produce and co-deliver courses and workshops that help people live better with mental health challenges.

She has used her experience to work as a volunteer helping people in Sri Lanka who have mental illness to develop ways to support each other through peer support and the establishment of their own recovery college. She has crowd-funded the project to fund expenses and given up her own time to go to Sri Lanka for one or two months each year.

On her recognition, Diana said: "I am totally amazed and deeply honoured to be given this MBE. Initially I believed there was a mistake. Then I felt I didn’t deserve it, that there are so many others who work so incredibly hard every day who should also be awarded an honour."

"There are so many people who i am grateful for their support seeing me through very difficult times."

"I accept this award and share it with all who work with SPFT, the many unsung heroes, for all your hard work day in day out."

Congratuations Diana!!