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This blog has been created by Sussex Recovery College Peer Trainers. Part of our role is being role models, using parts of our recovery stories to spark hope in others. This does not mean that we have to be fully 'recovered'; in fact many peer trainers have ongoing or recurring symptoms or problems. Instead we try to show the importance of ongoing growth, discovery and change that allows us to retain hope, even when things are very difficult.

Peer support workers from SPFT want to share their tools, experience and learning - for anyone who feel they would benefit at this time.

About this Event

Open to all, whether you are using SPFT services or not, this session is for anyone who wants you to connect with others with lived experience of mental health and hear about their strategies for coping at this time. Come and share your experiences with us and find mutual support.

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Author of Eat Happy and Mental Health ambassador, Melissa Hemsley, blogs about 10 online classes that can help us to feel nourished.

Steve Haines is the author of 'Why Anxiety Is Really Strange' and 'Why Trauma is Really Strange', brilliantly illustrated books that we often to refer to on our courses at Sussex Recovery College.