A diagnosis of dementia can lead to a range of thoughts and feelings for both the person with dementia and those supporting them. It may take time to adjust to the news and raise questions and worries about the future. This workshop is designed to help you understand what dementia is, examine facts and myths, explore feelings associated with receiving a diagnosis and find out how you can maximise your quality of life whilst living with the condition. We look at treatments and support, and at how you can help yourself (or support someone else) to live well with dementia; we include tips for managing memory, thoughts, mood and lifestyle.

Learning outcomes

Students will:

  • Develop a greater understanding of dementia and explore how it feels to receive a diagnosis
  • Discover strategies and approaches on how to live with dementia and improve quality of life
  • Gain a greater awareness/overview of support systems available in their local area

Course structure

One 2½ hour workshop

Aimed at

Anyone with a recent diagnosis of dementia, or who is otherwise affected by it. Supporters and carers are also welcome to apply.