Most people experience traumatic events in their lives. Following these many people continue to experience distressing symptoms of post-traumatic stress such as intrusive memories, flashbacks and nightmares. This course explores the impact of trauma, providing information about different types of difficulty, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We explore which options for help are available. Combining the best evidence with the clinical and personal experience of the trainers, we describe some of the tools that may best alleviate the symptoms and help you reclaim your life. We give carers and staff an insight into the condition and what helps someone in distress to cope and realign themselves with everyday function.

Learning outcomes

Students will:

  • Understand what the causes and effects of trauma can be
  • Learn how to look after themselves and others, using trauma-specific as well as general strategies
  • Understand what support might be helpful

Course structure

Weekly sessions for up to 3 weeks

Aimed at

Anyone suffering from mental health issues associated with trauma, particularly PTSD. Supporters and carers are also welcome to apply.