Stories are what we are made of and sometimes reading and listening to the stories of others who have similar or very different lives to ours can help us make sense of our own. These informal workshops will focus on both reading and writing but you will never be presented with a blank page to fill.

You will have lots of little exercises and prompts to help you find your voice. There’s no pressure, and no right or wrong answers when it comes to the writing. Some of the exercises will be brief, some will take a bit of time. Sometimes you’ll be really keen to read out what you’ve written, sometimes you’ll want to keep it to yourself – all of that is fine. We also welcome participants who just want to listen.


Location to be confirmed – contact Recovery College for details


One course of eight 2-hour sessions

Who’s it for?

Anyone aged 12-20 years.


Rachel Sweeney

Provided by

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and all organisations participating in Discovery College